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A business mediator from The Hague

Are you looking for a business mediator in business for mediation in The Hague? For business mediation, Mohamedajoeb Mediators is happy to serve you as a business mediator. A business mediator from our company provides quick solutions to conflicts and handles them in a highly professional manner. Conflicts between and within organisations usually arise from misunderstandings in communication. Parties feel that their interests are not sufficiently taken into account, resulting in irritations and tensions. Sometimes, emotions run so high that parties become embroiled in a legal battle, resulting in high costs.

What kind of business conflicts does a mediator resolve with mediation?

A business mediator can be used for mediation in a variety of conflicts. Conflicts within and between organisations are, for example, about:

  • Fulfilling (or not fulfilling) agreements made
  • Differences of opinion on organizational strategy
  • Interpretation of contracts
  • Disagreement over procedures and methods
  • Dissatisfaction with quality of services or products
  • Unclear division of duties and responsibilities
  • The manner of working with each other
  • Manners used
  • Differences in character, behavior and style
  • The way people communicate with each other

If there is no proper communication about such matters, misunderstandings and irritations can grow into conflicts.

A business mediator can help with conflicts

The business mediator identifies interests with the parties, identifies options, keeps the relationship between the parties workable and thus contributes to a solution. This can save a lot of time and money. First of all, confidential meetings take place with the parties individually. It is then decided by mutual agreement who should sit around the table to resolve the situation. In a series of conversations, the parties, under the guidance of the mediator, seek a solution to the problem. A solution acceptable to all parties. The added value of the mediator is that he or she has a neutral and independent role because he or she is not in the business.

Who chooses the mediator?

In a business conflict in the workplace, both parties choose the mediator because, after all, the mediator also serves as a confidant. The costs are shared. For this purpose, a distribution key acceptable to all parties shall be used.

What does business mediation look like?

In een individueel intakegesprek wordt de conflictsituatie in kaart gebracht. Also, an initial meeting reveals whether there is a click with the mediator in business. In order to dare to talk openly about issues, it is important that the party feels comfortable with the mediator and has confidence in him or her.

Gezamenlijk mediationgesprek
Na het intakegesprek volgt er een plan van aanpak en volgen er gezamenlijke mediationgesprekken, waarbij partijen met de mediator om de tafel gaan zitten. The mediator listens, asks questions and guides the parties through discussion and negotiation techniques to a solution acceptable to them.

Schedule an appointment to start the process

The duration depends on the nature of the conflict and the course of the process. Usually, a solution is found within a timeframe of two to three interviews. Do you want to reach an acceptable solution to the conflict? Please feel free to contact us for an intake by emailing info@mohamedajoeb.nl or calling 070 – 250 10 99. It is also possible to fill in the contact form below.

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