Team- en conflictcoaching

Companies and organisations that have to deal with team conflicts would like to prevent them as much as possible. A coaching programme for teams has been set up especially for this purpose: “How to work together”. Participants are introduced to six essential skills for constructive cooperation. The programme is made up of six modules:

Module 1: How to create a positive team spirit?
Module 2: How do you motivate yourself and others?
Module 3: How do you constructively solve problems?
Module 4: How can you effectively criticise others?
Module 5: How do you deal with criticism?
Module 6: How do you settle disputes?

The programme is modular. So you can choose which modules apply to your team. If required, individuals can be coached individually after the programme. Each module takes 3 hours.

The costs for each module are 594 Euros excluding VAT. VAT. The investment for an individual coaching trajectory is 148 euros per hour excl. VAT. Travel costs are charged separately.


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