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Mediation in various situations of labour conflicts

Would you like to seek mediation in various situations concerning labour disputes, such as assistance from a mediator in a labour dispute in The Hague? Do you have a conflict with your employer? In most cases, conflict in the workplace arises from misunderstandings in communication. People have the feeling of not understanding each other, which leads to irritations and tensions. Sometimes, emotions run so high that industrial disputes arise. When an employment conflict is not resolved with the help of a mediator for professional mediation in The Hague or surroundings, sick leave and sometimes even dismissal often follow. Therefore, make use of our expertise in mediation in industrial disputes and use the help of a professional mediator to reach a solution.

When is mediation needed in various situations in labour conflicts?

There may arise different types of disputes, such conflict in your business often requires mediation. A labour dispute arises due to ignorance and lack of understanding or poor communication. This necessitates mediation in the form of an mediationmeeting. This is how we like to resolve the labour dispute. Examples of an labour dispute include:

  • The colleague who has a difficult private life and asks for understanding, but does not get it from his colleagues;
  • The employee who does not dare to go against the employer and therefore says yes, but does not;
  • The employer has a conflict with employees due to its authoritarian way of communicating towards employees;
  • The colleague who doesn’t speak Dutch very well and therefore sometimes comes across as short and blunt, causing misunderstanding.

When things are not communicated properly, ignorance, misunderstanding and irritations can develop into an labour dispute requiring a mediator for resolution. We also offer assistance in an employment dispute requiring mediation by a mediator who speaks multiple languages. Thanks to our knowledge of several languages, you can also hire us for an employment dispute where not everyone speaks Dutch.

A mediator offers help with an labour dispute

Do you have a conflict with your employer? If tensions threaten to run high, an employment mediator can help prevent the situation from escalating in your company. He does this by seeking, through discussions, a solution to which both parties can agree. First of all, confidential introductory talks are held with each party individually. It then determines who should sit down together to resolve the situation. In a number of conversations, the parties look for a solution to the problem that is acceptable to all parties, under the mediator’s guidance, at a neutral location. The conversations with the mediator are also confidential. The added value of the mediator is that he has a neutral and independent role. Engage our mediators in for quick resolution of a workplace dispute. We also offer team mediation.

Who chooses the employment mediator?

In labour disputes, it is usually the managing director or the HR manager of the company or the company doctor who chooses a mediator. But the employment mediator can also be chosen by the employee, so you can choose our company, for example. When the employer or the company doctor chooses the mediator, the costs are paid by the employer or his insurance company. If the employee himself takes the initiative and chooses a mediator, he will have to consult with his employer about it, so that the conflict is resolved, and your business can move forward again. In most cases, the employer is also prepared to bear the costs of the business mediator provided it is an MfN-registered mediator.

What does a mediation process look like?

  1. Introductory meeting

In an individual introductory meeting, the conflict situation is mapped out. The first meeting also reveals whether there is a click with the mediator. In order to dare to talk openly about matters, it is important that one feels at ease with the mediator.

  1. Joint mediation meeting

After the intake interview, a joint mediation meeting takes place, during which the parties sit down with the mediator. The mediator listens, asks questions, summarises and guides the parties through various discussion and negotiation techniques to a solution acceptable to them.

Find a quick solution through mediation

Would you like to engage in a mediation session with an employment mediator to resolve one of a labour dispute within your organisation? Then the duration of the process depends on the nature of the conflict with the employer and the course of the process. Usually, two to three mediation sessions are enough to reach a solution. To make an appointment for an intake interview at Mohamedajoeb Mediators in The Hague, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at info@mohamedajoeb.nl or by calling 070 – 250 10 99. It is also possible to fill in the contact formr. We resolve your labour dispute in your organisation.

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