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labour dispute The Hague
labour dispute The Hague

When a conflict has arisen within your organisation, it can get very out of hand, and a mediator is needed to restore the atmosphere in your company in Rotterdam. Mediation can help resolve complex conflicts. Think of conflicts that have arisen due to cultural differences. If you do not understand each other’s culture, the conflict can seriously escalate. Our experts will then be happy to help you with mediation for your business.

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If you need mediation because you have a conflict involving cultural differences, for example, the experts at Mohamedajoeb Mediators will be happy to help. Many people organise their lives on the basis of their religion or philosophy of life, so these beliefs also play a major role in their working lives. When these beliefs clash with those of a colleague, a conflict may arise. Often this is due to a lack of understanding, but sometimes it degenerates into discrimination. To increase understanding between the different parties, our mediator engages with all parties. First individually, to identify the problem, and then together to find a solution. Thus, a few conversations with a mediator or conflictcoach already enough to resolve the conflict. Mediation thus ensures that everyone in your company can continue to work in a pleasant manner. This also increases job satisfaction and productivity. Cross-cultural solutions with mediation can therefore be very important for your business in Rotterdam or elsewhere. Also for a confidential advisor you are in good hands with us.

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Has a conflict arisen, and is mediation needed? Then contactour mediators we will help you as soon as possible so that your workplace no longer suffers. Contact us via the contact form, or call 070 – 250 10 99. You can also e-mail info@mohamedajoeb.nl.

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