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An MfN-registered mediator from The Hague as external confidential counsellor

Are you looking for an external confidential counsellor for your company in The Hague or Rotterdam? As certified confidential counsellors, we are asked to provide support and guidance to employees who are confronted with undesirable behaviour in the workplace. This undesirable behaviour may include: aggression/violence, sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Information from an external confidential counsellor

Not only for offering safety do you engage an external mediator of Mohamedajoeb Mediators in The Hague, near Rotterdam. Our confidential counsellors are also asked to provide information in companies about transgressive behaviour at work. We also sit on complaints committees and, where necessary, advise company management on setting and enforcing standards of conduct. The external confidential counsellor has a duty of confidentiality towards third parties, both within and outside the organisation. The confidential counsellor also has no formal right to refuse to give evidence. We are also at your service as mediators in the event of cultural differences.

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Are you interested in calling in an MfN-registered mediator from The Hague, near Rotterdam? Then feel free to contact us by e-mailing info@mohamedajoeb.nl or by calling
070 – 250 10 99. It is also possible to fill in the contact form below.

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